Cilt: 10 Sayı: 3, 1.10.2017

Yıl: 2017

Araştırma Makalesi

2. Hippocampal volume reduction after chemotherapy assessed by brain MRI: a cause of chemobrain in cancer patients

3. Spinal meningiomas: 24-Case clinical series

4. Antinuclear antibodies by IIF-ANA method in systemic rheumatic diseases

6. Obesity prevalence and related risk factors in women who apply to nutrition and diet clinic in Izmir

7. The role of mean platelet volume as a predictor of postoperative shunt occlusion in children who underwent modified blalock-Taussig shunt surgery

9. Erythema chronicum migrans: Two cases from Europe

Olgu Sunumu

10. Urinary bladder ears

12. Epitheliod Trophoblastic Tumor of the uterus

13. Clay-shoveler’s fracture: 4 Case report

14. Intracardiac thrombus in a child with Behcet disease
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