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In 2015, I obtained my degree in English Translation and Interpreting from Hacettepe University. Following my experience as a translator and editor, I taught at Ankara University and Beykent University. During my career. I translated the following books into Turkish:

"Double Indemnity" by James M. Cain (Alakarga),
"Mother" by Maxim Gorky (Zeplin),
"Hitler's Elite" by Chris McNab (Timaş),
"Hitler: The Man Behind the Monster" by Michael Kerrigan (Kronik),
"Blood Red Snows" by Günter Koschorrek (Kronik),
"Erwin Rommel" by Pierre P. Battistelli (Kronik),
"Leadership in War - Essential Lessons from Those Who Made the History" by Andrew Roberts (Kronik),
"Heinz Guderian" by Pierre P. Battistelli (Kronik),
"Hannibal" by Nick Fields (Kronik),
"Napoleon Bonaparte" by Gregory Fremont-Barnes (Kronik) and
"Napoléon - His Life" by Andrew Roberts (Kronik).

I currently hold the position of research assistant at Beykent University, Department of English Translation and Interpreting. Additionally, I translate published works pertaining to historical warfare events.


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