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Stelios A.K. Ioannidis is a PhD candidate and Researcher at the University of the Aegean in Greece. He specializes in the field of Metaverse Tourism and Human Behavior in Metaverse, and has a proven track record of conducting cutting-edge research in this emerging field. Stelios holds a Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratories from the University of Thessaly, as well as two Master's Degrees in Tourism Management from the University of the Aegean and the University of Thessaly, which uniquely position him to study the intersection of tourism marketing and neuromarketing in Metaverse environments. Within his PhD research, he investigates the concept of phygital tourism destinations.

Stelios has also gained valuable practical experience in the tourism industry, having worked as a reservations manager and marketing manager for several hotels and yacht charter companies. He brings this real-world expertise to his academic work, which focuses on using neuroimaging methods to better understand human behavior within Metaverse spaces.
In recognition of his expertise in the field, Stelios has been appointed as a core group leader at the World Metaverse Council, where he will design and conduct cutting-edge research on Metaverse adoption. He is deeply committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry, and is passionate about exploring new and innovative ways to approach tourism in the Metaverse.


University of the Aegean


The 4 Epochs of the Metaverse
Authors: Stelios IOANNIDIS , Alexios Patapios KONTIS
Published: 2023 , Journal of Metaverse
DOI: 10.57019/jmv.1294970



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