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Founded: 1933
Period: Tri-annual
Publisher: Hayat Sağlık ve Sosyal Hizmetler Vakfı
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Dear authors and readers,
We made an effort to publish our journal on time and satisfactorily in the second year of pandemic that is rarely seen in the world history. In the last issue of 2021, we present a total of 13 scientific articles, including 11 research articles, 1 case report and 1 review.
We have set new goals for the next years. The first and most important step is to ensure that our journal is indexed within the scope of PubMed Central. To raise the quality standards of our publication content, to increase the number of citations to our publications, to ensure our publications indexed in internationally respected and leading databases; will increase our national and international recognition. Ethics committee approvals of studies, the quality of statistical evaluations, whether publications have plagiarism or not and peer review processes are the topics that indexes focus on the most. Paying maximum attention to these topics while submitting your studies to our journal will accelerate peer review process and also facilitate indexing within PubMed Central.
With the last issue of this year, I greet you again with love and respect, hope that your contribution and support will continue to increase, and I wish that the coming new year will bring health, happiness and peace to humanity.

On behalf of all our journal editors,
Assoc. Prof. Sedat Akbas

2021 - Volume: 26 Issue: 3

Research Article

3. Sağlık Öğrencilerinde Aşı Tereddüdü


14. Tesbit çıbanlarının Nefasi intan tedavisindeki kıymeti


1. Among the images in the manuscripts sent to our journal, the photographs must be at a resolution of 250–300 dpi and in JPEG, TIF or PNG format. Although it is desired that there is no text in the photograph, if this is not possible, these explanations must be written in Turkish in Turkish, and in English in English and in spelling rules. Other photos are not accepted.

2. In all prospective original research articles sent to our journal, the research was conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki, (ii) the ethics committee approval was obtained before the research in all original research articles, both prospective and retrospective, (iii) in all prospective and retrospective research articles and also, in case reports, informed consent must be obtained from all human subjects / participants / examined / presenters (or their guardian or guardian). All these ethical information regarding compliance with the Helsinki Declaration, the name and institutional affiliation (s) of the ethics committee from which the approval was obtained, the date and number of the approval, and the existence of informed consent (i) should be included in prospective and retrospective original research articles. MATERIALS AND METHODS (MATERIALS AND METHODS METHODS) should be presented in a separate sub-section titled "Study ethics", (ii) under the subtitle of "Report ethics" in case presentations, in any section that the author (s) would prefer. Manuscripts sent to our journal but not fulfilling these requirements are rejected without evaluating their scientific quality.


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