ISSN: 1367-1936
e-ISSN: 2514-6009
Founded: 1997
Publisher: Beytülmakdis Çalışmaları Vakfı
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Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies

مجلة دراسات بيت المقدس
Beytülmakdis Araştırmaları Dergisi

JIJS is a distinctive and unique journal in the field published since winter 1997. The Journal is open-access and is published twice yearly (Summer and Winter). The Journal has opened up a new area of specialisation in Islamicjerusalem studies with original articles addressing Islamicjerusalem from a wide range of subjects in this area. Addressing a gap in the published periodical literature, 


JIJS especially seeks to encourage research into historical, theological, empirical, theoretical, conceptual or cultural themes and topics. As such, this journal will be essential reading for all those who study the Middle East and the Muslim World.The Journal aims to provide a forum for scholars working on the subject and all those who wish to enhance their appreciation of any aspect of Islamicjerusalem. JIJS is an international biannual peer-reviewed journal published by the Academy for Islamicjerusalem Studies ISRA (UK) in Cooperation with Beytülmakdis Çalışmaları Vakfı (Turkey) and Social Sciences University of Ankara- ASBU (Turkey).  Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies is Indexed by DOAJ, Index Islamicus, ASOS Index amongst others.

2023 - Volume: 23 Issue: 1

ISSN:1367-1936, e-ISSN:2514-6009

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