The Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies (JIJS) is an international scholarly journal, publishing double-blind peer reviewed academic paper. It is available online to promote critical, historical, and constructive conversations. 

JIJS is the first and the only refereed scholarly journal that is dedicated to the academic study of Islamicjerusalem. The Journal publishes articles, documentations, reports, review articles and book reviews.


The Journal has opened up a new area of specialisation in Islamicjerusalem studies with original articles addressing Islamicjerusalem from a wide range of subjects in this area. Addressing a gap in the published periodical literature, JIJS especially seeks to encourage research into historical, theological, empirical, theoretical, conceptual or cultural themes and topics. 

As such, this journal will be essential avenue for all those who study the "Middle East" and the Muslim World. JIJS strives to enhance their appreciation of any aspect of Islamicjerusalem, including Islamic Studies, History and Archaeology, Art and Architecture, Literature's and Linguistics, Geography and Geology, Environment and Politics, and other disciplines.