Price Policy

No fee is charged from the author or institution under any name.

Pricing Policy
Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies adopts the open-access model. Open access is the practice of providing unrestricted and free access to peer-reviewed academic journal content via the internet. All original publications published by JIJS are freely and permanently accessible online immediately after publication.

The open-access publication model is expected to provide many advantages for JIJS and authors, such as;

- Easy, free, and unlimited accessibility and high visibility,
- Meticulous and detailed peer-review of academic content,
- High citation count and impact without regional limitations.

In this context, JIJS does not charge any fee for editorial processing or publication of any research submitted to the journal. Likewise, no fee is paid to the authors or to the referees and field editors who voluntarily take part in the double-blind review process of the published studies.

ISSN:1367-1936, e-ISSN:2514-6009

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