Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this journal a national or an international journal?


A. This Journal is national a journal.


Q. How many numbers and when are they published in the year?


A. 4 issues are published annually (January, April, July and October)


Q. Is it necessary to subscribe to articles to submit articles?


A. Yes


Q. Is there a time limit to submit an article?


A. No. You can submit articles at any time.


Q. How long is the publication period of Journal?


A. Publication period is 6-9 months on average depending on article density.


Q. Where can I access the writing rules?


A. You can reach "Control" in the writing rules (


Q. When is the DOI number given?


A. The DOI number is given after the referee process has completed the layout of the completed article and the number to be published has been determined.


Q. Is missing author  information a problem?


A. The name, surname, title, institution and email information of all authors should be entered at the stage of article loading. This information should be entered separately, not on the first page of the article. The responsibility belongs entirely to the author who uploaded the article.