Writing Rules

Papers sent to the journal are sent to 2 referees (blind review method). In case of need, it can be sent to the third referee. The related field editor examines the submitted article. Works that do not comply with the rules of writing can be sent back to the author for correction. Incoming papers should not be expected to be published in the first issue after the first submission date. The publication process can last for at least 6-9 months.

1-The manuscripts submitted to the journal must be previously unpublished or submitted to another journal for publication.

2 - The studies submitted for publication must be prepared in accordance with the academic spelling rules and with either Turkish or English language.

3 - The publication rights of all published works belong to the journal.

4-The studies sent to the journal are published after being examined by the relevant referees.

5- The manuscripts, which do not need correction, do not have to be sent back for checking. However, the author can request a correction.

 6-Related editor can make the spelling corrections if he sees necessary. Again, foreign language editor can correct if he considers it necessary.

7- The studies and attachments (photos, figures, tables, etc.), should be written in Word 6.0 / 2003 or a higher program with Times New Roman 12 point 1 line spacing (Turkish and English Abstract 10 point spacing 1 line, paragraph first line 0). Margin settings: Top 2.5cm, left 2.5cm, right 2.5cm, bottom 2.5 cm, paragraph first line should be 1.25 cm from the inside, inter-paragraph range should be before 0 nk, after 6 nk. Titles should be before 12nk, after 6nk. Blank lines should not be given between paragraphs.

8- Turkish (Öz ve Anahtar kelimeler) and English Abstract and Keywords should be given at the beginning of the study with approximately 150-200 words. Also complete address information should be available for each author.

9-The footnotes in the studies will be prepared in the form of APA (American Psychological Association) or classical footnotes. For all cited references, complete bibliographic information should be available. It is recommended to use the Latin alphabet for all references (this is important for the coefficient of influence of the citation).

10- The opinions put forward in the articles published in the journal belong to the authors. All legal responsibility of the writings belongs to the authors.

11-Articles published in the journal, can be cited with the condition of showing the source. Reference to the journal; author, article name, Journal of Electronic Social Sciences (www.esosder.org), volume, number, year is recommended to be made in the form.

12-No copyright fee is paid to published articles.

13-It is recommended that the studies do not exceed 20 pages.

14-Author information should not be given on the first page of the study. This information should be given in "Submit Article" link.

15 - In scientific studies to be sent to the journal, utmost attention should be given to compliance with research and publication ethics.

16- You can reach to know abouth the article contribution fee from control list. (IBAN number can be reached during the loading process). It is recommended that the article not be more than 1 MB. Payment information should be written the description.

* After the payment, esosder@gmail.com or info@esosder.org addresses must be informed.

* 50% of the fee will be refunded if the submitted work is not published (Author has to send the IBAN number).

* The referee process of the articles with no contribution fee is not started.

You can access the account number to which the article contribution is to be deposited from the Submission Preparation List.



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