Evaluation Process Policy

Open Access Policy

IBAD provides instant open access to its content, adopting the principle that making scientific research free to the public will increase the global sharing of knowledge. Access to our journal is free. Our journal implements the Budapest Open Access Policy.

Evaluation Process Policy

Articles sent to IBAD in accordance with the publication rules are sent to at least two referees who are known for their work in that field for evaluation. If necessary, the editor can assign more than two referees to the article at the same time. IBAD uses the double-blind peer-review system in the evaluation process. Referee reports are stored digitally for five years. If one of the two referees evaluating the article gives a positive report and the other a negative report, the article is sent to the third referee or the Editorial Board reviews the referee reports and makes the final decision.

In the studies submitted to IBAD, the authors take into account the criticism and suggestions of the referee and the Editorial Board. If there are issues that they do not agree with, they have the right to object together with their reasons.

The referee evaluation process of IBAD is generally as follows: Under normal circumstances, the preliminary evaluation phase of the editorial board is 15 days. The evaluation period for each referee is 30 days, and if the author requests a correction, the correction period is 30 days. Under normal circumstances, the entire evaluation process of an article is expected to be completed within 60-90 days. However, due to the lack of timely return from the referees, re-appointment of referees etc. For reasons, the referee evaluation process may take longer or the referee must send his report before the last evaluation date, the corrections to be made by the author are completed in a short time, etc. Due to various reasons, the article evaluation process may be shortened.

The author/authors who submit an article to IBAD are deemed to have accepted the referee evaluation conditions and process of the journal. They cannot withdraw their articles without the permission of the editorial board.

The copyright of the articles decided (accepted) to be published in IBAD is deemed to have been transferred to IBAD. The editor has the right to make changes that do not touch the essence of the article on the articles accepted for publication.

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