Referee Guidelines

Please follow the steps listed below in order to review an article sent through the system:

1. Log into the “Manuscript Handling System” by entering your user name and password.

2. Click “Reviewer” on the upper menu.

3. Click “Articles” (“Submissions”) on the reviewer page.

4. You will now see the title and status of the article you have been requested to review. Click the magnifier icon found under “Show” on the left hand side.

5. On the new page that appears you will find information concerning the article and its English and Turkish abstracts. At the bottom there is a question as to whether or not you accept to review the article. To accept, click “I would like to review the article” in the green-shaded area.

6. Once you accept to make a review, you can download the Article file. You can also review the article by using the evaluation form that will appear on the same page.

7. While filling in the form, if you click “Save” without completing your evaluation, you can return to the form later to complete the remaining sections.

8. Once you fill in the whole form and your evaluation is complete, click “Save and Finish”.

9. In order for the blind refereeing practice to work properly, the names of the referees should not be included in the user name and initials sections of the word program. For this, do not forget to review the user name and initials part of the general settings section in the word options.