Aim & Scope

IJOSES is a peer-reviewed journal that started to be published in 2013, and includes authentic research in the field of Social and Education. IJOSES publishes Turkish and English scientific articles twice a year, these publication months being June and December. When it is regarded as necessary, special issues may be published during the year.
In the scope of liberal arts and educational studies, improving and contributing to the educational system is one of the goals of the journal. IJOSES is focused on solving the problems within the educational and social fields, and aims to contribute to eligible scientific research.
IJOSES aims to give priority to the research that detects the situations that may possibly occur today or in the future, or already happened in the past, firstly within our country and then later anywhere in the world. Besides that, it includes an aim to serve to build an educational system where individuals can gain information and skill. Moreover, IJOSES aims to serve the vulgarisation of academic studies that suggest concrete solutions and contributes to the professional growth of teachers and academicians, at all levels of education, from preschool to higher education. IJOSES includes disciplinary and interdisciplinary works with the condition of being related to education and social fields.

The journal, which is published in Turkish and English, includes studies in the social field, with educational and social fields being in the first place, following History, Geography, International Relationships, Public Administration, Law, Political Science, Turkish Language and Literature, Sociology, Public Relations, Philosophy, Religious Sciences, Basic Islamic Sciences, Cultural Studies, etc.

Period Months
June December



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