Volume: 7 - Issue: 1

Year: 2017

Research Article

3. Undeniable Function of Performance Factors on Organizational Accomplishment

8. Event: Strategies of Tourism Development in Primorsky Krai (Russia)

13. Exploring in Setting a Model for Islamic Supply Chain in Malaysia

16. Investigation of Various Prediction Models of Demand on the Market of Innovations

22. Flood Risk Mitigation: Pressing Issues and Challenges

27. Audit Committee Activities and the Internal Control System of Commercial Banks operating in Yemen

28. Service Quality as a Mediator of Customer Complaint Behaviour and Customer Loyalty

36. Mapping the Terrain of Business Education

37. Optimization by Integration: A Corporate Governance and Human Resource Management Dimension

43. Factors Influencing Students of Technology-Based Universities to Become Entrepreneurs

Conference Paper

44. Logistics Capability, Information Technology, and Innovation Capability of Logistics Service Providers: Empirical Evidence from East Coast Malaysia

52. Determinants of Islamic Banks Acceptance in Oman

60. Innovation Process Management as the Basis of Enterprise Development

67. Age and Gender Motivating Differences of Slovak Workers