ISSN: 2636-8757
Founded: 2018
Publisher: Barış EREN
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  • Journal of Agriculture is a refereed international journal. DergiPark started its activities in May-2018 in order to publish research and compilation articles prepared in the field of agriculture and life sciences with open access. The languages ​​supported by the journal are Turkish and English. 2 (two) issues are published annually.
  • Articles submitted to the journal are first reviewed by the editor in terms of shape and content. Unsuitable ones are sent back to the responsible author.
  • Submitted articles are checked against plagiarism by the authors, excluding the sources. It is mandatory that the similarity rate is below 20% in the controls. Publications over 20% are rejected by analyzing plagiarism reports.
  • It is mandatory that the works to be published have not been published anywhere or sent to any journal to be published.
  • Articles approved by the editor are sent to 2 (two) reviewers. Articles whose referee review and correction process are completed are published.