Author Guidelines

General Rules of Journal Writing:

Each manuscript should be written in Turkish and English.

The title should be short, clear and sufficiently reflect the content of the manuscript.

The Turkish abstract should reflect the purpose and scope of the study.

The title should also include a summary and keywords in English.

Articles written in English should include Turkish titles, abstracts and keywords.

Articles should comply with the rules of grammar in terms of language and expression, should follow a clear and simple way of expression, and should not include unnecessary information beyond the scope and purpose.

The results should be in accordance with the purpose and scope of the research, should be given in the main lines and concisely, and the data or findings not mentioned in the text should not be included.

According to the publication policy of our journal, the report showing the similarity rate for the studies should be uploaded to the system after the evaluation process.

Article Writing Rules:

Manuscripts should be prepared in A4 size in Word Office Word ”program.

Articles; It should not exceed 8.000 words including tables, pictures, references etc.

The layout should be Left: 3 cm, Right: 2.5 cm, Upper: 2.5 cm, and Lower: 2.5 cm.

The manuscript should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1 line spaced and aligned.

Paragraph indents should not be used in the article.

The title of the article (Turkish and English) should be written in 12 pt, Times New Roman, bold, capital letters, 1 line spacing.

Abstracts (Turkish and English) and keywords should be written in double-aligned, Times New Roman, 10 pt, 1 line spacing.

The keyword must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 words.

Main headings should be left aligned, 12 pt, Times New Roman, Bold, initials should be capitalized and should be written with 1 line spacing.

Sub-headings should be left aligned, 12 pt, Times New Roman, Bold, initial letters should be written in 1 line spacing.

Table headings should be written in Times New Roman, Bold, first letters uppercase, 1 Line 11 pt, aligning the figure, graphic and picture names at the top of the table and aligning them under the figure / graphic / picture.

Tables and graphics should not be included in the article as images. It should be placed in its original form.

The page number should not be included in the article.

In the article, in the citations and bibliography, the & sign should be used among the authors.

References should be provided in accordance with APA 6.0 (American Psychological Association) standards.

Note: When submitting articles to the journal;

- Report showing the similarity rate of the manuscript (must be uploaded to the system)

Copyright form (must be signed and uploaded on the system)

- The copyright form can be accessed by the authors during the manuscript upload process. 

For Accepted Articles:

After the study is accepted, the author's name and surname, title, institution, contact information and ORCID numbers of each author should be added to the system.