Peer Review Process

• All manuscripts submitted for publication are subjected to plagiarism screening. Reports created by the screening system (iThenticate or will be evaluated by the editor in chief or authorized subjects editors for the final decision.
• Manuscripts passed plagiarism screening then undergo rigorous peer review, based on an initial editor screening (format of the manuscript, originality of the study, the language used) followed by a blind review process by two or three anonymous reviewers, without disclosing the identities of the authors or other reviewer.
• The review results are confidentially delivered to the Editor, who then reviews the reviewer feedback to ensure the comments are relevant and non-discriminatory before sending the comments back to the authors.
• Authors are given a chance to make revisions to their manuscripts based on the feedback they receive.
• Revised papers are sent back to the Editors who send the revised paper back to the original reviewers.
• Feedback from the second round of review is processed the same way.
• The Editor / Editorial Board has the right to reject any manuscripts for which necessary corrections have not been fulfilled within the given time.