e-ISSN: 2147-4516
Founded: 2012
Publisher: Ahmet ŞİMŞEK
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The main purpose of TUHED is to improve effective teaching of history at all education levels (elementary to graduate level) both local and international scale. 

This journal seeks articles related to the history education/teaching/didactics and historiography.

Subject Category

Social Sciences: Education and Educational Research
Social Sciences: Humanities, Joint Disciplines

History Teaching, History Education, History Didactics, Historiography

Publication Period
Bi-annual, May & October.

Target Audience

The target audience of our journal is academicians, researchers and graduate students working in the field of history education and historiography, and history teachers.

Author(s) transfer all financial rights including processing, reproduction, representation, printing, publishing and distribution rights of their articles to Turkish Journal of History Education (TUHED). However, the author(s) reserves all proprietary rights such as non-copyright patent rights, reprint rights as a book or book chapter, and non-commercial reproduction rights. All publications are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license.

Price Policy
Within the Budapest Open Access Initiative framework TUHED supports the idea of knowledge sharing for free and without interference. For this purpose all expenses of TUHED journal are covered by the publisher. TUHED does not require submission, evaluation or publication fee for the manuscripts.


1- Ethics Committee Approval:

In accordance with the ULAKBİM decision of 25 February 2020, Ethics Committee Approval must be obtained for studies on people (without age restrictions), this approval must be specified in the Method section of the article and signed Ethics Committee Approval must be uploaded to the system. Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for publication.

2- New Publication Policy 

Beginning from Spring 2021 issue TUHED will require all Turkish manuscripts to contain a full-text English translation. Manuscripts submitted in Turkish will be requested to have full-text English translation if they are accepted for publication after the review process. 

3- Online-first:

According to the TUHED's new publication policy, the articles which have completed the evaluation process will be published online-first.  It will no longer be necessary for manuscripts to wait until the “next issue”. Online-first articles will receive an international identification code (DOI), and identified page numbers. 


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