Volume: 3, 12/30/21

Year: 2021

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YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies, which presents current research articles dealing with civilizations that existed in the city, written, oral and material cultures, the changing historical and human geographies of the city, traces of human and non-human actors, from the prehistoric era until today, is relaunched as a double blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to be indexed in national and international scientific publication indices.


The objectives of the YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies is to set a scientific standard for research conducted on Istanbul—one of the most ancient, multilayered and largest cities in the world— to create a hub for researchers working on various disciplines and to serve as a reference source. As such, the journal strives to contribute to the blossoming and the institutionalization of Istanbul-related research fields.

YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies, published once a year, will publish double blind peer-reviewed individual articles as well as special section articles, essays (Meclis), short essays on historical documents from the collections of Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation (Cabinet), book/exhibition reviews, and a regularly updated Istanbul bibliography. YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies is accepting submissions of original articles in Turkish or English by researchers working on the history, architecture and history of art, archaeology, sociology, anthropology, geography, urban planning, urban studies, and other related fields with focus on various periods of the city.

YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies conforms to Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition. Before submitting your article, please refer to our submission & publishing style guide.

For the “YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies Publishing Ethics and Peer Review Statement” click here.

Publishing in YILLIK is free of charge.