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Başlangıç: 2018
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Black Sea Journal of Health Science (BSJ Health Sci) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access international journal that has been published electronically 4 times (January, April, July, and October) in a year. It publishes, in English and Turkish, full-length original research articles, innovative papers, conference papers, reviews, mini-reviews, rapid communications, or technical notes by scientists on technical and clinical studies related to all health sciences.

Aims and Scope

The overall aim of BSJ Health Sci is to promote the professional development of its readers, researchers, and scientists related to health sciences around the world. The objective of BSJ Health Sci is to provide a platform for the scientific community to publish their research findings and also to open new perspectives for further research. BSJ Health Sci is published electronically only, and the online version is available for free.

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