About Ankara Center of Thought and Research (ADAM-ACTOR)

ADAM, formally founded in 2006, is an organization of academics who have come together for a very long time. ADAM continues its works with international congress, conferences and symposiums, Friday Conferences, School of Social Sciences and Islamic Studies, projects, and art and language activities.

ADAM holds these activities in its kulliyah at the historical Hamamönü district of Ankara, (Sarı Kadı Madrasah) which were operating as a madrasah during the Ottoman period.

ADAM aims;

§  to transfer Ottoman heritage to today,

§  to increase the quality of human resources in society,

§  to support academic, cultural and social development of university students and academic candidates,

§  to increase the number of qualified academicians, especially in social sciences

with the training, activities and academic projects.

ADAM is an independent “community of intellectuals” that seeks to uncover the potential of the people who are covered with historical accumulation and deep knowledge of geography we live in.

ADAM has assigned with the task of preparing the necessary academic, cultural and social infrastructure to reach the ideal people in every area of the age.



Ankara Center of Thought and Research (ACTOR)

Ankara Dusunce ve Arastirma Merkezi (ADAM)

Hacettepe Mah. Tanis Sk. No: 2/A

Hamamonu – Altindag – Ankara – Turkey

Tel       : +90 312 324 64 84

Fax       : +90 312 324 05 54

E-mail  : bilgi@adam.org.tr

Web     : www.adam.org.tr