Responsibilities of Editors


ADAM ACADEMY editorial board has an obligation to initiate an investigation into the studies if there is a violated copyright right and plagiarism suspicion at early outlook or evaluation stage.

The editorial board withdraws the evaluation of the article carried out at the evaluation stage, if the board determines that the article is copyrighted illegally and plagiarized, and the board returns it to the authors with a detailed reference.

If the editorial board finds copyright infringement and plagiarism in a published or early work, the board shall carry out the following withdrawal and notification procedures within one week at the latest.


§  A “withdrawn” statement is added to the head of the electronic display of the article that had a violation of the ethics.

§  Instead of the Abstract and Full content of the electronic display of the infringing article, the reasons for withdrawal of the article, detailed sources of evidence, and the notifications of the institution(s) to which the author(s) are affiliated, are published.

§  A withdrawal notice of the infringing article is posted on the homepage of the journal website.

§  The infringing article is added to the list of contents of the electronic and printed copy of the first issue number from the date of withdrawal as “Withdrawn: Title”.

§  The reasons for withdrawal and the original citations cited to it are provided and shared with the public and researchers on the first page of the issue.

§  The above-mentioned withdrawal notifications are forwarded to the institution(s) to which the author(s) of the infringing article is affiliated.

§  The withdrawal notices of the infringing article listed above will be forwarded to the National Library (Milli Kütüphane) and the directory systems and catalogs of the institutions and organizations to which the journal is indexed.

§  In addition, the editorial board may propose that the previously published work of the authors(s) who have been found to have committed an ethical violation, to publishing houses or publishing houses for ensuring or guarantee the validity and reliability of published work.