Editorial Policies

Publication Frequency

ADAM ACADEMY, an internationally refereed journal, is published twice a year. Up to two special issues may be published within a year. Announcements of special issues are made at least one year in advance. The issues to be dealt with in special issues are determined by considering the current debates and determined by the editorial board. Besides, ADAM ACADEMY can publish issues on certain themes.


Publication Language

ADAM ACADEMY accepts articles in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic, and Persian. Studies in accordance with the above criteria must have a simple and clear language quality appropriate to the rules of language knowledge and scientific literature. In particular, studies to be published in Turkish should be written in a clean and fluent language that do not contain foreign words.

It is recommended that non-English authors receive institutional support for English proofreading before they upload their work to the system. For the studies submitted to ADAM ACADEMY, the editorial board and/or the scientific committee may request language editing during the evaluation process. The study requested for language editing should be done at the accredited language institutes recommended below and the edited document is submitted to the editorial board. Studies that are not redacted and documented for editing are not accepted for publication.