Limitations and Unaccepted Applications

ADAM ACADEMY cannot publish articles under the following limitations:

§  It is a prerequisite that the article submitted to ADAM AKADEMİ for publication has not been published anywhere before or has not been sent to any publishing house for publication.

§  Especially at the articles with more than one author, an application may be requested from all authors for submitting the study to evaluation process. Articles that do not have the relevant permission documents will not be evaluated.

§  The author owns the responsibility for the copyright of all images used in the article. However, in order to be able to evaluate it, the sources of the images must be stated clearly and added to the permit document if necessary.

§  It is the responsibility of the author of the application to obtain the necessary permissions from all stakeholders regarding the applications for publications that have been produced from collaborations made before as a project or seminar.