Access Policy

Open Access Policy and Charge Information

ADAM ACADEMY adopts the policy of providing open access with hard copy. Ankara Center for Thought and Research, the publisher of ADAM ACADEMY, does not charge subscriptions or fees for access to published electronic articles by any library or readers. 

There is no income source for ADAM ACADEMY because it does not demand article processing fee (evaluation fee or printing fee) and subscription fee for accessing articles. However, the following financial obligations of the submitted articles to ADAM ACADEMY are the responsibility of the authors:

1. Articles in ADAM ACADEMY are published with full text in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic, and Persian. The journal does not provide any translation services in this context, but it can suggest accredited firms to the author(s). The writer is also asked to provide an extended ENGLISH abstract, which summarizes his work with 1000-1500 words, in addition to the English abstract at the beginning.

2. The language editorship or proofreading procedures requested by the ADAM ACADEMY editorial board shall be taken from the specified companies in the direction of suggestions from field editors or referees.

3. The financial responsibility of the authors is to handle plagiarism control, layout, typesetting, bibliography, submission, citation control, and transactions relating to regulation of all works. A plagiarism report is also requested with the submitted article.