ISSN: 2148-0370
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Founded: 2013
Publisher: Tuzla Belediyesi
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Akra Journal of Culture Art and Literature (AKRAJOURNAL) is an international peer-reviewed journal that includes articles covering all fields of social sciences and educational sciences and is published three times a year. Akrajournal is a printed magazine published among the cultural publications of Tuzla Municipality and is also published electronically through Dergipark.

All articles published in AKRAJOURNAL magazine, in terms of language, science and law, are entirely responsible for their authors, and publishing rights belong to AKRAJOURNAL. Published articles cannot be printed or reproduced in whole or in part in any way without the written permission of the publisher. The Editorial Board and editors are free to publish or not publish the articles sent to the journal. Submitted articles are not returned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: International Akra Culture, Art and Literature Magazine started its publication life in 2013 as a culture, art and literature magazine. As a National Refereed Journal since January 1, 2015 and its 5th issue; It has been published as an International Refereed Journal since 01 May 2017 and its 12th issue.

2023 - Volume: 11 Issue: 31

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The May 2022 issue of our journal has been completed. Thank you for the interest shown. Article acceptance continues for the September 2022 issue.



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