Aim & Scope

To share the results of scientific research, examination and project studies in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts; to convey current information and developments in this field to the target audience; to provide a basis for discussion of the problems on the subject; to introduce Turkish Culinary culture.

AYDIN GASTRONOMY is a refereed journal that publishes research and compilation articles written in the fields of Gastronomy and culinary arts (culinary culture, gastronomy and food history, food and beverage science, food technology, nutrition and diet, hygiene and sanitation, food safety, culinary science, culinary arts, industrial cuisine, mixology, Turkish cuisine, world cuisine, fusion cuisine, restaurant management, gastronomy and tourism, menu planning, molecular gastronomy, digital gastronomy, banquet and catering, barista, artisan food, food sociology and anthropology, new trends in gastronomy, functional foods, Ottoman palace cuisine, food styling and photography, product development etc.), and expert opinions as well as articles addressed in the fields of sociology, philosophy, design, education, history, culture and art.

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