Evaluation and Publication Process

Evaluation and Publication

Applications for articles requested to be published in AYDIN GASTRONOMY should be made through DergiPark (https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/aydingas).
The article evaluation processes are detailed below.

A study sent to AYDIN GASTRONOMY is primarily evaluated by the editor (s) of the journal. Studies that do not coincide with the purpose and scope of the journal, weak in terms of academic publication language and Turkish (English) grammar and expression rules, containing scientifically unacceptable errors, have no original value and do not comply with publication principles are directly rejected by the editor (s). The author (s) of the rejected article are sent an informative text explaining the reason for rejection within one month at the latest from the submission date of the article.

After the pre-evaluation, the referee evaluation process is started by sending the article approved by the Editor to the referees. At this stage, the Editor directs the article to the relevant 2 referees, taking into account the content of the article.

The editor can designate referees from the AYDIN GASTRONOMY referee pool or suggest new referees suitable for the field of study.

A double-blind refereeing process is used for the evaluation of the articles submitted to our journal. In the double blind method, the identities of the authors and referees of the studies are hidden.

Referees examine the articles sent to them within the defined timeframe. They complete their evaluation about the article by filling out the referee evaluation form on the DergiPark system. If the referees do not evaluate working within a reasonable time, additional time is given. If the evaluation is not completed within this period, the study is sent to different referees. Each referee decides about the article as "Can be published (Accepted)", "Can be published after revision" or "unpublished (Reject)". Referees are expected to write a detailed justification for both acceptance and rejection decisions and, if any, suggestions for correction in their report.

The editor may ask the author (s) to make corrections in their publications in line with the opinions of the referees evaluating the publication. The author (s) can object, provided that they show explanatory evidence against the referees' evaluation opinions. The objections made are evaluated by the Editorial Board and if necessary, different referee opinions can be applied for the submitted publication. Authors also have the right to withdraw their publications at this stage.

If there are two positive and negative evaluations about the article, a third referee is asked to evaluate it.

The final decision on the article to be published is made by the Editorial Board. If the decision is negative, the reason for rejection is sent to the author with an explanation together with the referee reports. If the decision is positive, the volume and issue in which the article will be published are notified to the author.

Copyright transfer

The copyright of the articles accepted to be published through the evaluation process are deemed to have been transferred to Istanbul Aydın University. During the application, the authors must fill in the "copyright transfer form" for publication and submit it to the editor of the journal with wet signature. Wet signed forms must be uploaded as.

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