Volume: 5 Issue: 2, 12/22/21

Year: 2021


Research Article

10. Composition and Sensory Properties of Wheat, Plantain and Cocoyam Flour Doughnuts

The Eurasian Journal of Agricultural Research (EJAR) is an open access, double-blind peer reviewed, bi-annual international journal that publishes orginal research articles, short papers and critical reviews on all aspects of Agricultural Sciences.

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Agricultural Biodiversity, Agricultural Botany, Agricultural Ecology, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Genomics, Agricultural Production, Agricultural Resources, Agrochemistry, Agrology, Agronomy and Pathology, Crop Physiology and Science, Energy Agriculture, Environmental Hydrology, Fertilisation, Breeding and Protection of plants, Horticulture, Husbandry Science, Irrigation management, Modeling of Crop systems, Organic Agriculture, Plant Breeding Genetics and Pathology, Plant Nutrition, Plant Protection, Security of genetically modified agricultural organisms, Soil Science and Soil Land use, Soil-Plant relationships, Sustainable rural development agricultural botany, Theoretical production ecology. This  journal includes all the diversified topics under the area of agricultural sciences and etc.



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The Eurasian Journal of Agricultural Research (EJAR) is an open access & peer reviewed international journal that publishes original research articles, short papers and critical reviews on all aspects of Agricultural Research.
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