Principles of Publication and Ethical

"Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)" stated in the publication ethical principles criteria; guides our writers, editors and consultants.

In the article submission process, the article sent to the sample article template format on the main page of our journal should be adapted. The article must not have been previously published as a journal or full-text paper. Copyright information in research articles requiring Ethics committee permission (including retrospective studies); In the material method section, ethical committee permit information should be written clearly (if any), supporting institutional information (if any), scale permit information (if necessary) and submitted to our journal as an additional file. If the ethical permit, institution permit or consent information is not explicitly specified (if the ethics committee is required from case reports by 2020, institution permit information is requested.) If the permit information is not attached to the article file field, the related article will not be accepted to the pre-control process. Ethics committee permission information should be compatible with the article title and author information. Plagiarism value of the article sent by the author is checked by us. As a journal publishing principle, the plagiarism value should be below 10% in the pre-control. (It will be beneficial for the author to check the plagiarism value before submitting the article.) If the plagiarism information is high, the journal will be presented with the report as a printout. It is important that the author writes in the note field to the editor during the submission of a few sentences that indicate the original value of the article. If the method is considered to be deficiencies in material, data collection, ethics, institutional permission, statistical stages, the article can be rejected by informing the author in the article evaluation processes. It is important for the author to explain the author's information on the first page of the article regarding verbal and poster presentations and / or thesis articles. . In our journal, blind referee is made for referee selection in the referee process (Details of this page will be further expanded.)