Journal Rules

Dear Author,

In order for your article to be evaluated; Our journal must comply with the writing rules and article template, the publication copyright transfer document, the plagiarism report and the ethics committee document must be sent with the article, and the plagiarism rate to be checked by us must be 20% or less. The responsibilities of the articles sent to our journal for publication not to be published elsewhere, and violations in the article and copyright statement belong to the authors.

Note: It is important for the author to check the compliance of the article subject with the journal's subject headings and journal publication ethical principles before submitting the article.


Gumushane University Journal of Health Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal published four times a year (in March, June, September and December).

In the journal; Original research articles, clinical and experimental studies, reviews, case reports and letters to the editor are published.

Reviews: They should contain new and up-to-date information. At least one of the authors must have scientific studies on the subject and at least one research article must have been published. The author should forward the research articles related to the subject to us during the article submission.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal for publication must not have been previously published or sent elsewhere for publication. If the research in question was presented as a paper (oral or poster) at a scientific meeting, or if it is a thesis, it should be stated under the title page of the article with the date and place as shown in the template. Acknowledgments may be included in this field.

In research articles, especially for surveys or interventional studies related to health, compliance with ethical rules, Institution permission information should be clearly included in the article, and relevant ethical approval information should be forwarded to the journal by the author.

The studies that are desired to be published in our journal must be prepared in accordance with the spelling rules and other conditions stated below and sent via "Dergipark" (

During the submission of the file, the author should check the compliance with the "yes" condition of the titles in the list by filling out the checklist by the author.

Articles that comply with the publication policy and spelling rules of our journal are sent to at least two referees and their opinions are taken. The articles that receive a positive opinion in the referee's evaluation are reviewed for the last time and accepted for publication, and the number to be published is decided.

All responsibilities of the studies submitted to our journal for publication belong to the authors.

During the preflight process, the author can withdraw his article.
Advisory and Editorial Boards, at the stage of correction, control and typesetting; has the authority to request corrections from the authors and to make abbreviations by informing the authors.

The maximum period given for changes and corrections requested from the authors is 15 days. The process of the articles that are not processed by the author are removed from the process at the end of the 4th month at the most.

Necessary corrections regarding the spelling rules can be made by the editors or referees or requested from the author.

No fee is paid for articles published in the journal.