ISSN: 1301-0085
e-ISSN: 1309-0275
Founded: 1996
Publisher: Pamukkale University
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Pamukkale University Journal of Education (PUJE) is an international peer-reviewed open-access academic journal publishing quantitative and qualitative studies on education and teacher training in accordance with academic and universal science criteria since 1996 and currently publishes three issues a year (January, May and September) online. PUJE might publish one additional special issue per year with an early announcement.

Attention: Our journal has published new templates (in Turkish and English). Please consider using these templates for your submissions. Starting from the January 2024 issue, we will continue with the new templates. For detailed information, click here.

Pamukkale University Journal of Education (PUJE) accepts and publishes manuscripts in both ENGLISH and TURKISH. Authors are expected to send their full-text manuscripts in either (English or Turkish) language. After the acceptance of the manuscript for publishing, the manuscript must be submitted in both English and Turkish in full text. As authors are responsible for the language quality of the manuscripts, they might choose to receive support for language polishing from the third parties like some language editing companies. Manuscripts with language problems will be returned to the corresponding author.

Announcement About Publication Language

Dear Authors,
The publication language policy of Pamukkale University Journal of Education (PUJE) has been updated as of September 2022. You can find the details of the updated publication language policy in the notes below and on the Spelling Rules page. When submitting a manuscript to our journal, it is important to pay attention to the principles listed for the studies that are prioritized and excluded from the scope specified on the "Aim and Scope" page (2022 rejection rate = 64%, 2023 rejection rate >86%).

1- The peer review process of the studies sent to our journal will be carried out on the full Turkish text. Therefore, we ask our esteemed authors to send only the full text of your study in Turkish for the peer review process.

Studies on foreign language teaching can be submitted in English for the peer review process.
After your work is accepted for publication after the peer review process, you will be asked for the full text of your work in both Turkish and English.

2- "Ethics Committee Approval" is requested for articles published in all branches of science, including social sciences, upon the change made in the TR Index Journal Evaluation Criteria for 2020. Therefore, "Ethics Committee Approval" must be obtained from all studies submitted to our journal. Studies without ethics committee approval will not be included in the review process.

3- PUJE emphasizes that the articles are written in accordance with the style guidelines and writing templates on the main page of the journal. We kindly ask our authors to consider the relevant templates when submitting articles to our journal.

In article submissions, the name, institution or any similar information of the author(s), which may reveal the identities of the individuals and harm the evaluation process, should be deleted from the file and the file is required to be uploaded to the system anonymously.

Providing the metadata of the articles is of great importance when uploading them to the DergiPark system. Therefore, the abstract, the key words and the bibliography in the Turkish and English parts of the manuscripts must be fully entered into the system.

2024 - Issue: 61

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