e-ISSN: 2564-7458
Founded: 1998
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Selcuk University
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The journal publishes research articles, case reports, compilations, translations, conference notices and book reviews about the study areas such as Business, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economy, Finance, Public Relations and Management Organization within the scope of social sciences. The journal is published twice a year (April-November). The journal accepts  Turkish and English papers. no evaluation and application fees are accpeted for the papers submitter to be published in the journal Submitted works are subject to preliminary review by the editorial staff in form and content. At the end of the preliminary examination, papers considered appropriate for publication in the journal in form and content.will be sent to  at least two judgments. blind review system is applied in the journal. The author information is not shared with the referees while the names of the referees evaluating the papers are not notified to the authors. In the case of one positive an done negative opinion the paper is sent to the third referee. The papers which are considered suitable for publication by at least two referees are published in the journal. The authors are responsible for the thoughts expressed in the articles submitted to the journal. All publishing rights accepted and published in the journal belong to Selcuk University Journal of Social Sciences Vocational School. Selcuk University Social Sciences Vocational School jpurnalis scanned by the databases listed below.

2022 - Volume: 25 Issue: 2