Author Guide


1.                Editorial Principles

a)    UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Researches) is an international peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year except for special numbers.

b)    UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Researches) is a journal that publishes articles on language, literature and culture research.

c)     In the studies, criteria of originality and contributing to the field are sought.

d)    Members who sent/send articles to our journal need to add their Orcid Number to their user credentials.

e)     The articles submitted to UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Researches) should not have been published anywhere before or should not be accepted for publication.

f)      Those who want to submit articles for the publication of UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Cultural Researches) should send their work as a member of the Article Tracking System at

g)    Except for the editorial board's special decision, articles that are less than 8 pages and more than 30 pages are not evaluated.

h)    The addition of any text to the electronic system of the UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Cultural Researches) is accepted as an application for publication and the process of evaluation of the article begins. No royalties are paid for articles.

i)       UDEKAD is an electronic journal. As a result, all the processes from the application to the publication of the article take place in the electronic environment.

j)      The publication rights of the publication sent to UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Cultural Researches) will be transferred to the journal. These articles can not be published, reproduced, or used without reference to another publication without permission from the editor of the journal.

k)    Any possible legal, economic and ethical responsibility arising from the writings sent to the UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Researches) Journal belongs to the authors even if the mentioned article is published. The journal does not accept any liability.

l)       UDEKAD (International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Research) is published in Turkish. However in English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Persian and so on. Languages articles will also be evaluated and published if they are deemed appropriate by the referees.

m) At the beginning of the article, which will be uploaded to the article tracking system, up to 200 words in Turkish and English abstract, 3-5 words for keywords; Turkish and English titles should be included. It should reflect the purpose, scope and outcome of the study in English and allow readers to quickly determine the content of the article. Articles written in foreign languages - in addition to Turkish and English - must include title, abstarct and keywords in the article language. Care should be taken not to have language mistakes in foreign summaries. Abstact and Key Words must comply with international standards such as Medical Subject Headings, CAB Theasarus, JISCT, ERIC.

n)    In studies supported by a research institution / organization, the name of the institution / organization and the project, if any, date and number, should be indicated in footnotes.

o)    The name, place and date of the congress or symposium should be indicated in the reports or articles.

p)    Articles which are not prepared according to the rules of our journal will not be accepted unless they are corrected.


2.                 WRITING RULES

a.     Articles must be written in the Microsoft Word Program and the page structure must be created as follows:

Paper Size

A4 Vertical

Top Margin

2,5 cm

Bottom Margin

2,5 cm

Left Margin

3 cm

Right Margin

3 cm


Times News Roman

Font Style


Type Size (Regular Text)


Type Size (Footnote Text)




Paragraph Entry (First Line)


Paragraph Spacing

Before 6 nk, after 0 nk (Table and graphic – before and after0 nk)

Line Spacing





b.     In the special font used articles, the font used should be sent with the article.

c.      Artciles should not be included details such as page numbers, headers and footers.

d.     Only the initial letters of each word in the headlines of articles should be capital and no other formation should be included.

e.      In terms of spelling and punctuation, Turkish Language Institution Spelling Guide should be based on beyond exceptions required by the article or topic.

f.       APA should be used as the citation reference system. At the end of the article, there must be a bibliography.