Volume: 1 Issue: 1, 7/29/22

Year: 2022

Research Article

EDUCATIONE is an international peer-reviewed journal that aims to contribute to the training and continuous support of teachers for scientists who can make a meaningful contribution to the discussion and thought generation processes related to learning, teaching, education and teacher training. The journal aims to enable the use of evidence obtained through careful and rigorous research in order to identify the complex problems of teacher education at the national and international level and to find solutions to these problems. EDUCATIONE aims to develop theory, research and practice in learning, teaching and teacher education through the publication of primary research and reviews.

EDUCATIONE welcomes the following types of submissions:

Empirical Research
Conceptual Research
Case Studies
Literature Review
Historical View
Letter to the Editor
Short Report
Book Review

In the the following fields:

Educational/Social Sciences

  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Program development and evaluation
  • New approaches/methods/practices in education
  • Educational practices
  • Adult education
  • Educational administration/policy/planning
  • Measurement and evaluation in education
  • Psychological counselling and guidance
  • Teacher traning (pre-service/in-service teacher training practices)
  • Use of technology in education

The authors who will submit their manuscripts to EDUCATIONE should prepare their submission in accordance with the template below. Authors can add or remove sub-titles specified in the template.

EDUCATIONE Submission Template

Writing and publication policies

EDUCATIONE uses double-blind peer review technique.The studies submitted to the EDUCATIONE should not have been previously published and should not be in the process of evaluation in another journal. The authors assume full responsibility for this issue.

The submissions are reviewed by the editorial board in terms of form and shape properties. While the studies that do not possess the requisite qualification are sent back to authors, the evaluation process is started for the ones approved by the editorial board.

The studies which are in the process of evaluation are sent to at least two independent reviewers in the relevant field. While assigning reviewers, both double-blind review and external review process are followed. Special attention is paid to the fact that the reviewers are not from the same institution as the author (s) who submitted the study.In line with the double-blind peer review, the identities of the reviewers and the author (s) are hidden from each other. Signs that may reveal the identity of the reviewer or author (s) are hidden. The documents submitted by the author (s) and reviewers are subject to preliminary review by the editorial board and the traces on the documents are removed.

After the Article Evaluation Process, the studies are;

  • published if both reviewers report "CAN BE PUBLISHED".
  • sent back to authors for making revisions stated by reviewer/s if one or both of the reviewers report "CAN BE PUBLISHED WITH REVISION".
  • sent to the third reviewer if one of the reviewers reports "CAN NOT BE PUBLISHED" and evaluation process is carried out based on the report of this reviewer.

No publication fee is charged from the studies submitted to the journal in the stages of submission, evaluation or publication.

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