ISSN: 1303-3344
e-ISSN: 2717-8986
Founded: 1982
Publisher: Dokuz Eylul University
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Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Divinity Journal is a national academic journal scanned at ULAKBIM, published by Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Divinity, in June and December.

(Article acceptance dates: 01 January - 01 April for the June 15 issue; 01 July - 01 October for the December 15 issue).

DEUIFD aims to publish and share works such as articles, book critiques, and symposium evaluations produced in the field of religious sciences. Articles submitted for publication are subject to double-sided blind review by at least two referees. In addition, through a special program used in plagiarism detection, it is confirmed that the articles have not been previously published and do not contain plagiarism.

Religious Studies Journal