e-ISSN: 2792-0623
Founded: 2021
Publisher: Gelecek Sensin Derneği
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The journal of Education & Youth Research (EYOR) is published by the Future of You Association (GelSen). The journal is an electronic, peer-reviewed and open access that contributes significantly to the growing importance of perspectives in the analysis of social sciences, primarily but not exclusively "education" and "youth" issues in national, international and global contexts at all levels / sectors. There are no submission fees, publication fees or page charges for this journal.

EYOR publishes scholarly articles focusing on the social sciences, especially education and youth. It bridges the gap between research and practice, providing information, ideas and opinions. As a truly international journal, EYOR welcomes submissions from any country, provided that authors explain their local context and demonstrate the relevance of their work to a global readership.

The journal is published twice a year, in June and December, and welcomes Turkish or English manuscripts. In addition, special issues such as conference papers may be published.

EYOR is indexed in the Copernicus Index.

2023 - Volume: 3 Issue: 2

Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis

4. School Leadership in Zambia: A Systematic Literature Review

Research Article

Öğretmen Görüşlerine Göre Hizmetkâr Okul Liderliği ve Örgütsel Vatandaşlık Davranışı Arasındaki İlişkinin İncelenmesi

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