How to submit an article to our journal?

Authors who want to submit an article to our journal can follow the steps below:
1. Log in to the DergiPark panel with your username and password.
2. You can access the main page of Kadim Akademi SBD Journal by using the address
3. Click on the "Submit Article" tab on the home page.
4. On the page that opens, fill in the information requested from you about the article and authors completely. NOTE: Here, please include the Abstract, Key Concepts and their English equivalents. Then do not forget to include the References.
5. In the "Files" tab, upload the "Article Full Text File", wet-signed "Title Page", "Copyright Agreement Form", "Declaration of Authorship Contribution Rate", "Declaration of No Need for Ethics Committee Permission", "Conflict of Interest Declaration" forms to the relevant places. If your study requires ethics committee approval, the "Ethics Approval Statement"; if it is a translation, the "Permission Certificate" indicating that permission hasEthics Approval Statemenauthor and/or publisher and the digitalized version of the original study should be uploaded to the system as an additional file. NOTE: After downloading the files, fill them in, then weigh them and upload them to the system as additional files.
6. After the necessary information and files are uploaded to the system, make your final checks and submit your article.

Click here to access the video explaining how to upload an article to the journal.

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