Referee Evaluation Process

Referee Evaluation Process

Preliminary Evaluation
The study is reviewed by the editor for compliance with the publication and ethical principles of Kadim Akademi Journal of Social Sciences, academic writing rules and ISNAD Citation System, and is scanned for similarity using iThenticate or Turnitin program. The plagiarism similarity rate must be less than 20%. The preliminary review is completed within a maximum of 15 days. The manuscript that passes the Preliminary Review and Plagiarism Scanning stage is reviewed by the relevant Spelling and language editors in terms of problematics and academic language and style. This review is completed within a maximum of 15 days. If deemed necessary at the end of the review, corrections may be requested from the author.

Referee Policy
At every stage of the referee evaluation process of the articles evaluated for publication in the Kadim Academy Journal of Social Sciences, it is carried out in confidentiality within the framework of double-blind refereeing, where the names of the referees and authors are kept confidential.

Referee Evaluation
Research articles that have passed the review of the field editor are submitted to at least two or more referees who are experts in their field for review, either by assignment to the field editor or directly. The referee is requested to either state his/her opinion and opinion on the manuscript or justify it with an explanation on the online referee form. If the author disagrees with the referee's opinion, he/she is given the right to object and defend his/her views. The revision process must be completed by uploading the corrections to the online journal system together with the list of corrections within 30 days at the latest. Otherwise, the existing article may be re-evaluated as a newly submitted article.

Final Evaluation
If both referee reports are positive, the manuscript is submitted to the Editorial Board with a proposal to consider publication. If one of the two referees has a negative opinion, the study is sent to a third referee. Studies can be published with the positive decision of at least two referees. Translated articles are sent to language and related field experts for evaluation in terms of conformity with the original, appropriate use of field concepts and language. Translations in which the experts express a negative opinion are not published. The publication of book and symposium reviews and doctoral thesis abstracts is decided upon the evaluation of the relevant field editors. The reviewer checks whether the author has made the requested corrections in the text. The checking process is completed within a maximum of 7 days. Articles accepted for publication are added to the early view and queued for publication.

You can download the PDF file of the peer review process here.

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