e-ISSN: 2149-1410
Başlangıç: 2014
Yayın Aralığı: Yılda 3 Sayı
Yayıncı: Genç Bilge Yayıncılık
Kapak Resmi
About the JGEDC
Journal of Gifted Education and Creativity (JGEDC) (ISSN: 2149-1410) issues such as gifted education, giftedness, differentiated instruction in gifted education, creativity (e.g. artistic, scientific creativity), educational policy on gifted education, is a scientific and academic journal. JGEDC aims to be a scientific media sharing scientific research, practices, theories and ideas about gifted education and creativity research. JGEDC published three times (April, August, December) in a year. JGEDC is a non-profit, open acsess journal.
 The JGEDC is an international refereed scientific journal which publishes review and research article, book reviews and interviews in  English. Submitted articles are evaluated in a double blinded peer-reviewed fashion. The JGEDC is an open access journal, published three issues a year. The JGEDC holds copyrights for all articles published in the journal. Authors are responsible for article contents published in the journal.

The Journal of Gifted Education and Creativity (ISSN: 2149-1410) is a scholarly and academic journal covering topics such as gifted education, giftedness, differentiation in gifted education, policies for creative (artistic, scientific) education, gifted education. JGEDC aims to be an environment where scholarship, practices, theories and ideas are shared in the field of gifted education and creativity. The articles are published in JGEDC, English three times a year (April, August and December). JGEDC is a profit-free, electronic (online) open-access journal.


JGEDC  is an international journal that publishes compilation, research articles, book reviews, travel notes, case studies, interviews in both Turkish and English. The articles sent to the journal go through the referee examination according to the double-blind technique. JGEDC keeps the copyright of all published articles. Authors are responsible for the content of their articles.

JGEDC is published Young Wise (Genç Bilge)  Publishing 

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