e-ISSN: 2791-9862
Başlangıç: 2011
Yayımcı: İdeal Kent Yayınları
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OPUS Journal of Society Research (JSR) brings a range of different fields of theory, practice, and research in the quest for understanding human behavior in its social environment. The Interdisciplinary perspective provides the groundwork to present and establish a holistic relationship with other disciplines, concepts and methods. The OPUS JSR provides a medium for researchers to incorporate of an interdisciplinary approach for bringing forward different interpretations which could potentially lead to amplifying or conflicting statements. It is not only the intersection of categories, but the theoretical framework that analyses and interprets the subject under study. This framing often leads to an analysis of multiple and even conflicting social dynamics that enable certain kinds of social understanding that are otherwise invisible when scholars focus on a single set of theoretical dynamics. OPUS JSR reflects more than 10 years of journal sponsorship by ADAMOR Society Research Center and its partner organizations, the Institute of Urban Studies. The OPUS Journal of Society Research is the direct successor of two previously published journals: OPUS Turkish Journal of Social Policies and Work Life Studies: OPUS International Journal of Society Research.

Note: Since its inception, our journal has steadily increased its issue numbers in the Year - Volume and Issue format. As of 2024, our issue numbers will be limited to 1-6.

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