Turkish Journal of Special Education Research and Practice (TRSPED) is an international peer-reviewed journal published biannually in June and December (starting in 2020*). TRSPED addresses issues concerning with the development, education and rehabilitation of infants, toddlers, children, youths, and adults with exceptionalities. 

TRSPED publishes empirical research, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, position papers, literature reviews, theoretical papers, research-to-practice papers, policy analysis and book/software review on special education.  The aim of the journal is to present up-to-date-information about special education to scholars, clinicians, educators, families, caregivers, administrators, and policy makers. 


*TRSPED published 1 issue in 2019 and plans to increase the number of issues published per year by one each year between 2020 and 2022. Thus, TRSPED will publish 2 issues in 2020, 3 issues in 2021, and 4 issues 2022.


TRSPED publishes original manuscripts focusing on the following topics*:

           Definition, identification, and characteristics

            Assessment and placement

            Prevention and early childhood intervention

            Effective curriculum and instruction

            Scientifically-based and evidence-based practices

            Behavior and classroom management

            Family training and family involvement

            Personnel preparation and teacher education

            Professional standards and professional development

            Transition and career development

            Inclusion and inclusive practices

            Related services and service delivery systems/practices

            Legislation and special education laws

            Ethical issues

            Policy and policy implications

            Assistive and augmentative technology and instructional technology

            Cross-cultural comparison of special education

* Original manuscripts focused on other related topics not listed above will be considered for publication in TRSPED contingent upon the editorial review and decision.