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Social Science Public Administration Human Resources Management Strategic Management Management and Organization Education Organizasyon Quality Management Organization Theory Organizational Culture Organizational Behavior Information Management Strategic Management Process Management Management and Strategy Human Resources Management Institutional Governance Organizational Behavior Strategic Management Higher Education Studies Higher Education Policies Higher Education Systems Higher Education Management Program Development and Qualifications in Higher Education Internationalization in Higher Education


Dr. Fatma Bolaç works as a manager at Mersin University and also works academically. She is a graduate of Public Administration, master in Management and Organization Program and completed her doctorate in Business Administration Program. Her research interests include quality, total quality management, quality in educational services, accreditation in education, quality in higher education, organizational behavior, strategic management and planning. She has international articles and book chapters on quality, total quality and education in higher education. Dr. Bolaç is a member of boards and commissions at Mersin University on subjects such as quality and accreditation, strategic plan, career, education measurement and evaluation.


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