e-ISSN: 2602-215X
Founded: 2016
Publisher: Hakan ARIDEMİR
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The International Journal Of Afro-Eurasian Research (IJAR) is a Scholarly -Peer Reviewed-Journals and published two times in a year in  January and June.

Scientific and original articles which have directly or indirectly relation with economics, business administration, public administration, public finance, econometrics, labor economics, law and politics,economics, finance, history, sociology, philosophy, archeology, art history,  international relations,  social policy and labor relations, behavioral sciences, linguistics, literature, communications and fine arts  can be sent to the Journal.

The main goal of Our Journal has comprised a scientific platform for academics who desire to share their knowledge, notions, findings and opinions, methods and approaches and researchers with colleagues while contributing in the named disciplines in national and international level.

Journal of Afro-Eurasian Research (IJAR) is an International refereed journal and published biannually.Authors are responsible for the content and linguistic of their articles. Articles published here could not be used without referring to the Journal. The opinions in the articles published belong to the authors only and do not reflect those of International Journal of Afro-Eurasian ResearchAll rights reserved.