ISSN: 2667-5870
Founded: 2019
Publisher: Hakan ULUM
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The International Journal of Educational Spectrum (IJES) is an internationally refereed scholarly journal published online every six months (February and September). It started publishing academic articles in 2019. IJES is free of charge. The journal does not charge any article submission, processing, or publication fees. IJES is an open-access, double-blind reviewed journal that aims to involve scholars from all international academic and professional communities. The journal provides a platform for diverse theoretical and thematic approaches to the educational sciences. IJES includes a wide range of research methods (case studies, ethnography, phenomenological research, narrative research, historical research, quantitative research, descriptive survey research, experimental research, single-subject research, causal-comparative research, correlational research, and meta-analysis, etc.). Articles posing significant research questions from a variety of perspectives are encouraged to be submitted to IJES.IJES welcomes theoretically or practically original articles, previously unpublished anywhere. The articles sent to IJES cannot be published or be under review elsewhere. All submitted papers will be initially reviewed and assessed by the editorial board in terms of the requirements of the journal. The articles which are found suitable and acceptable by the editorial board will be submitted for scientific assessment by referees. In IJES, English articles are published.

Book Review

Exploring the Impact of Revised Bloom's Taxonomy in a Turkish as a Foreign Language Textbook

Research Article

Coping with Peer Pressure and Social Emotional Well-Being in Preschool Children


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giphy.gif Our journal publishes articles approved by approved ethics committees. Ethics committee approval is not required for studies involving reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

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IJES has a DOI number obtained from Crossref, is protected under the Creative Commons (cc-by) licence, and provides open access.