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By 24.05.2021 articles are accepted from the link https://mc04.manuscriptcentral.com/kefdergi to our journal.
Ongoing articles will be completed through the DergiPark system.

The new decisions taken in Kastamonu Education Magazine as of 2021 are as follows:
📌 It is mandatory to submit an Ethics Committee Approval Certificate for qualitative and quantitative researches conducted in 2020 and beyond.
📌 A total of 20-24 articles are published in each issue in our journal. Articles are put in order as of the date of acceptance for publication. However, a separate ranking is made according to the distribution of the articles in each issue. Even if it is the turn of the articles, if the quota of the relevant field is filled, an article from a different field can be published.
📌 Only one article of each author can be published in the same year.
📌 Our journal publishes only full-text English articles as of 2021.
📌 Plagiarism Report and (if any) Ethics Committee Approval document will be added by the author during article submission.
📌 Our language and statistics editors review the studies before the referee process. If the submitted work is not found sufficient in terms of language or method, it may be rejected before the referee process begins.

2024 - Volume: 32 Issue: 1

Research Article

Metaphoric Perceptions of University Students on the Concept of Favoritism




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