ISSN: 2757-7015
e-ISSN: 2717-798X
Founded: 2020
Publisher: İsmet ÇELEBİ
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The Journal of Paramedic and Emergency Health Services (JOPEHS), aims to include internationally recognized publications that aim to contribute to science by synthesizing information in the fields of paramedic education, extraordinary situations, emergency health services coverage, emergency nursing, forensic medicine, occupational health and safety, occupational risks, legal dimension in the field with information in other fields.The Editorial Board of "Journal of Paramedic and Emergency Health Services (JOPEHS)," is generated from 19 different universities and 26 faculty members of 7 different countries. JOPEHS provides instant open access to content in the fields of  Emergency aid, disaster management, occupational health, public health, emergency medicine, emergency medical services, first aid, emergency nursing, health care managementwith, adopting the principle that free delivery of information to the field will enhance the global sharing of information. JOPEHS first issue will be published on June,15th, 2020. Logging in your scientific research and descriptive studies to the system will have a crucial role for the journal.