Author Guidelines

General Information 

Commagene Journal of Biology accepts unpublished original research from all areas of biology as research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, and etc. Review articles may be accepted after they have been evaluated by the editors in limited numbers in each issue.

Articles submitted to the journal will be checked against plagiarism with the help of software. Papers with any type of plagiarism will be rejected automatically and the authors lose the right to submit and publish manuscript to our journal. The editors reserve the right to move manuscripts from one category to another.

Manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if they do not comply with the instructions to authors or are beyond the aim and scope of the journal. All manuscripts should be sent with the cover letter signed by all the authors. Manuscripts sent without the cover letter is not processed. 

    Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice 

In order to avoid any type of publication malpractice, each submission must be accomplished by our journal sample “Cover Letter” signed by all of the authors. Until to sign the “Cover Letter” please read carefully the “Declaration” section at the end of the letter (above the signatures). 


The manuscript submitted must represent the author’s original work and has not been published and is not being submitted or considered for publication elsewhere.

Submitting your paper for evaluation concomitant to other journals is unacceptable. In such cases, the manuscript will be rejected automatically and all of the authors lose the right to submit and publish manuscript to/in the Commagene Journal of Biology.

The authors need to ensure that the original data in their manuscript can be clearly distinguished by the one published in other scientific papers. The authors of the manuscript need to ensure that the text, illustrations, and any other materials included in the manuscript do not infringe upon any existing copyright or other rights of anyone.

    Authorship and Collective Responsibility

All authors listed in the manuscript need to meet the authorship criteria and all of them participated in the work in a substantive way and are prepared to take public responsibility for the work. All authors have contributed to the manuscript and that common agreement has been reached before submission. In other cases the manuscript can’t be accepted for evaluation in order to be published in the Commagene Journal of Biology.

    Methodological Ethics

The authors of articles that are based on experiments that caused injuries or death of animals should explain and justify the grounds of the study and state that the scientific results of the study are at least in the trade-off with the sufferings caused. In the Materials and Methods of the manuscript, authors should detail as precisely the conditions of maintenance, transport, anesthesia, and marking of animals. When available, references should be added to justify that the techniques used were not invasive. When alternative non-harming techniques exist but were not used, the manuscripts may not be considered for publication. 


Commagene Journal of Biology is a double-blind peer-reviewed international academic journal. The editors will prepare a review version of the submitted manuscript by deleting the title page to ensure the anonymity. The authors must avoid self-referencing like "In a previous work we (Author et al. 2018) ......". The third person should be used to refer to work the Authors have previously undertaken. Acknowledgments part will also be removed during the review process if includes any information that can risk the anonymity.

The editors of the Commagene Journal of Biology reserve the right to reject manuscripts without peer-review if they do not comply the author’s guidelines or are beyond the aim and scope of the journal. Each paper will be sent to at least two independent reviewers. If there are inconsistencies between the reviewers, a third reviewer will be asked to review the manuscript. The editor will decide the acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts according to these reviews. 

    Preparation of the Manuscript

Manuscript, figures, and tables must be submitted as electronic version only by using the Turkish JournalPark Submission System.

Manuscript text should be processed with MS-Word (OpenOffice / Libre Office can be used but in this case, the file should be saved as .docx), typed throughout in letter quality with font size 12, Times New Roman, on A4 (210 x 297mm) paper, with margins of at 25mm on each side.

Pages should be numbered consecutively in the bottom, right-hand corner.

For all types of papers, the title page must contain; the title of the paper; name(s) of the author(s) and affiliations, and the name and address of the corresponding author with contact information.

A manuscript must contain the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion. Results and Discussion sections may be presented under the same title if needed.

The tables and figures should be given on a separate page after the references.

Turkish and English manuscripts are acceptable. The abstract must be written in both languages. Turkish abstracts will be written by language editors of the journal if needed by foreign authors.

All of the manuscripts, including short notes, must contain at least 4-6 keywords, not included in the title of the Manuscript.

APA style should be followed in the writing of references (click for APA style guide)

Avoid quoting unpublished reports or thesis.

References should be ordered alphabetically at the end of the manuscript.

All illustrations, including photos and charts, must be labeled as Figures and should be cited in the relevant section.

Tables and figures must be sent both in the Word file and as separate files as jpeg, tiff or png formats.

Authors may suggest 5 scholars (with their names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses) in their relevant fields – at least two of whom should be from another country than the country of origin of the authors.

    The Structure of the Manuscript

1.Title page (title, authors full name, authors affiliation, corresponding author);

2. Abstract page (Abstract, keywords);

3. The main text of the manuscript (Introduction, Materials and methods, Result, Discussion)

4. Acknowledgments

5. References

6. Table and figure captions following the tables and figures.