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Serdar YURTSEVER, PhD. is an associated professor at University of Mediterranean Karpasia, North Cyprus. Previously he was a senior colonel in Turkish Army. He has a MA degree from Selçuk University in Management and Organization. He received another MA degree in History of Turkish Republic from Gazi University. His master thesis’s title was “Intelligence Activitives During the Turkish National Struggle, Case Study (1919-1922)”. He completed his PhD degree at Hacettepe University with his research on one of the secret resistance groups, Felah, which is carried out personnel, ammunition and weapon transportation from İstanbul to Anatolia including intelligence work. His research interest areas include History of Turkish Republic, Turkish National Struggle intelligence activities, Nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Terrorism in international relations, International relations in world politics, strategy and security. He is head of Political Science and International Relations Department at the university. He was a member of the academic coordination board of universities at Higher Education Planning, Accreditation and Coordination Council on behalf of University of Mediterranean Karpasia and is secretary-general of Cyprus Universities Association. Some of the Publications: Books; - YURTSEVER, Serdar (2008). Intelligence Activitives During the Turkish National Struggle, Case Study (1919-1922), Ankara: ATATÜRK Research Center Publication. - YURTSEVER, Serdar (2015). A Secret Group in İstanbul on Turkish National Struggle Intelligence: Felah, Ankara: Berikan Publication. Articles; - YURTSEVER, Serdar (2010). “Conditions Preparing the Turkish Language Revolution and the First Turkish Language Congress”, ATATÜRK Week, Annual Journal, Military History and Strategic Research Institute, Ankara. - YURTSEVER, Serdar (2017). “An Evaluation of the Causes, ‘Why Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did not Pay Visit to any Foreign Countries’ as a President”, The Journal of International Social Research, Volume 10, Issue 53, December 2017. International Conferences; - SAID Abdulkarim Musbah Ali, YURTSEVER Serdar. “An Analysis of the Past, Present and Future of the Libyan Political System”, International EMI Social Science Congress, 27-29 April 2018, Nicosia. - ALAMAILES Abubaker, YURTSEVER Serdar. “The US-Russian Competition in Middle East: Syrian Crisis as a Case Study”, International EMI Social Science Congress, 27-29 April 2018, Nicosia. (This presentation is awarded as the best presentation in the EMI Congress in “International Relations” academic area by the Congress Boarding Committee) Forthcoming Publications; - Five articles prepared and has been approved by the publication committee for ATATÜRK's Encyclopedia which is about 800 articles. It is in publication phase by The Supreme Board of the Turkish Language, History and Culture, Atatürk Research Center. These five articles are: • Karakol Group, • Audit committee chiefs, • English friendship association, • Cabotage, • Presentation the Title of Veteran and Rank of Marshal to ATATÜRK. Other; - YURTSEVER, Serdar. Ballistic Missile Analysis, Ankara 2005. (This is an internal study and published as a book in the institution.)




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