ISSN: 1300-0225
e-ISSN: 2667-6087
Founded: 1991
Publisher: Ege Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü
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Journal of Aegean Agricultural Research Institute  

ISSN 1300-0225 | e-ISSN 2667-6087

ANADOLU journal of the Aegean Agricultural Research Institute (AARI), Republic of Turkey Ministry Agriculture and Forestry, is devoted to original scientific research articles and current reviews in the field of agricultural sciences.
ANADOLU is published biannually in the months of June and December both in Turkish and English. ANADOLU is an international, peer-reviewed (Double-Blind Peer Review), and open access journal published since 1991.
The articles published in the journal are identified with the DOI number in accordance with the agreement made with CrossRef under the sponsorship of ULAKBİM - DergiPark.

ANADOLU is indexed by TUBITAK-TR Index, CABI Direct, CAB and related Abstracts, AGRIS, EBSCO, EBSCO Essentials, SOBIAD, Citefactor, Academindex, and Google Scholars.

Published articles of ANADOLU can be accessed from following web sites;

Printing office: AK-MAT, Bornova - İZMİR.
Journal design: İsmail BUHUR

2024 - Volume: 34 Issue: Özel Sayı


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