ISSN: 1307-1076
e-ISSN: 2687-3281
Founded: 2006
Publisher: Bayburt University
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Journal of Bayburt Education Faculty (BAYEF) is a scientific and peer-reviewed journal published electronically twice a year, June and December. BAYEF is an open-access journal and publishes only studies in the field of education. The publication language of the journal is Turkish and English. Only original research articles are accepted in the journal. Studies of the type of book review and literature review (excluding meta-analysis, meta-synthesis and content analysis) are not accepted. No fees are charged to the author(s) at any stage of the evaluation and publication processes for the studies submitted to BAYEF. The articles accepted from the studies submitted to BAYEF are published in the relevant numbers so that an equal number of publications are distributed in the order of acceptance and in each field. All publication rights of the published articles belong to the Bayburt Faculty of Education Journal. The authority to make decisions on matters not mentioned herein belongs to the Editor and Editorial Board. Manuscripts that do not comply with the publication and writing principles are rejected without consideration. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number is assigned to all studies published in BAYEF.

Bayburt Faculty of Education Journal has been approved to be included in the database by TUBITAK ULAKBIM Social and Humanities Database Committee as of 2017.

2024 - Volume: 19 Issue: 41


Bayburt Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi, 2022 yılı itibarıyla yılda 4 sayı (Mart, Haziran, Eylül, Aralık) olarak yayınlanacaktır.